NSM-Based Email Accounts and NSM-Hosted Websites

    Incident Summary:
    • On 08/04/2011, there was an in issue with one of our servers that resulted in NSM-based email accounts and NSM-hosted websites being down sporadically for most of the day.
    Resolution Information:
    • These services have been restored, but in the interest of improving security, we are requiring users of these services to reset their passwords and adhere to stricter password guidelines. In order to have your service restored, please contact us (support@nsm.uh.edu or 713.743.1618). Every user of these services will be required to provide the following information...
      • First and last name
      • Department
      • Position
      • NSM-based email address
      • A non-NSM-based email address (your @uh.edu email address, for example)
      • Phone number
    • Once you have provided the above information, we will re-enable you account and provide you with a temporary password. You will also be provided with instructions to reset your password to something more preferable.


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