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    !! People

    (please feel free to use this [[template|template]] to get started)

    * [[Bittner| Eric R. Bittner]]

    * [[Andrey|Andrey Pereverzev (Postdoc)]]

    * [[Anne|Anne Goj (Postdoc)]]

    * [[Arek|Arek Czader (Postdoc)]]

    * [[Jay|Jaykrishna Singh (Graduate Student)]]

    * [[Yuichiro|Yuichiro Sato (Graduate Student)]]

    * [[Etienne|Etienne Brown (Graduate Student)]]

    * [[Svitlana | Svitlana Zaster (Graduate Student)]]

    * [[Tim | Tim Bright (Graduate Student)]]

    * [[Muna|Muna Sultan (Undergraduate)]]

    * [[Houle|Steven Houle (Undergraduate)]]

    !! Information

    [[http://k2.chem.uh.edu/cgi-bin/bib.cgi | Group Publications]]

    [[Courses | Course Wiki's]]

    [[Projects | Collaborations (restricted) ]]

    [[Notebooks | Mathematica Notebooks]] pertaining to calculations, etc..


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